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VMG Success Story (read success story)

An established small business was looking for a knowledgeable and dependable IT partner. An executive search firm in Atlanta was looking for a new managed IT provider. They were tired of dealing with poor response time coupled with less than adequate technician’s knowledge with different people each time. Read more about how Advantage Technologies offered mobile computing and a cloud environment to solve VMG’s problems.

Sarasota Perio Success Story (read success story)

A busy four-doctor two-location practice needed guidance and support with their expansion. Sarasota Periodontal Associates was a busy four-doctor two-location practice in Florida. They didn’t have time for old computer equipment holding them back; or their IT service provider not being able to service and support them in a timely manner. Add to this, that they were ready to go digital and open a third location. Read more to find out why they choose Advantage Technologies to help them implement their ideas.

Practice Quotient Success Story (read success story)

A multi-state SMB found one company to help them increase speed, scalability and usability. A dental insurance negotiation firm, with multiple offices in Georgia and Florida, decided that both of their managed IT providers were not enough to provide them the service they needed. Frustrations with their system included the slow crawl, lack of scalability or usability. Read more to find out what else Advantage Technologies did to help Practice Quotient and the additional surprise that even PQ was not expecting.