Dr. Cory Collier at Artisan Eye

Dr. Cory Collier sees optometry as an opportunity to provide clear, comfortable, healthy vision to his patients at Artisan Eye Optometrists in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. When Dr. Collier and his wife Kara founded their practice, they wanted their patients’ interaction to be a truly unique, high-tech experience. They wanted their business technology, exam equipment, and ancillary testing tools to be supported and merge seamlessly with their software so that things could flow smoothly for everyone involved. Read more

Suwanee Family Dentistry Success Story

Suwanee Family Dentistry values the care of their patients above all else. Dr. Tina Herington, DMD started the practice in 2001 and wants to keep her focus on growing her business, seeing improvement, and working more efficiently. She felt her constant IT needs weren’t being met and were becoming a costly distraction. Read More

LaMaster Law Firm Success Story

The legal industry has the intrinsic need to remain confidential. For Attorney Matt LaMaster, owner of LaMaster Law in Commerce Township, Michigan, the compliance and privacy needs of his clients requires his practice’s technology to actively safeguard confidential information. When LaMaster enlisted Advantage Technologies to service his firm’s multiple locations in several states, he knew needed an expert that understood the unique needs of a boutique law firm that had the ability to service his firm’s equipment and systems and secure his firm’s data. Read More