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4 Tips for Network Security

News headlines appear almost daily about cybersecurity threats and scams illustrating how business owners can be easy targets if the right network security measures are not utilized. With the changing landscape of 21st-century cybersecurity, your network can be secure from ransomware and other threats if the right steps are taken.

Here are four tips to check and help keep your network secure:

1. Security Management

You want to make sure that any traffic coming into your network is scanned, checked, and safe. This means having a firewall – not just the one that came with the network but one that is regularly monitored, updated, and has antivirus capability at the gateway. Plus, you will need content filtering and remote monitoring and management.

2. Onsite and Remote Service

Next, you will want to make sure you have a team of experts who can help quickly should something go wrong. A team of fast-response, knowledgeable and friendly engineers help keep your network secure in real-time.

3. Network and Backup Management

While most security systems include antivirus software, you need to check and make sure it is updated regularly. Cyberhackers are constantly trying to come up with new ways to hack into healthcare networks. Make sure your system has multiple levels of backup, from local storage to always redundant servers. Plus, ensure your security is fully encrypted, monitored, and documented by a security team.

4. Smart Infrastructure

Regularly audit your servers, workstations, or other connected devices to ensure all are updated to best secure your network. Plus, have local and cloud backup for all your systems. A dedicated tech consultant can help you design and smoothly implement your next step in technology.


Following these simple tips will help secure your network. Bryan Currier, Advantage Technologies CEO and security expert, has a video with more information. Or feel free to reach out to our team of like-minded entrepreneurs for customized cybersecurity solutions.

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