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Hassle Free IT that is designed around your business needs

When technology doesn’t work the way it should, it’s incredibly frustrating and expensive. We provide hassle-free technology solutions so you can focus on what’s important to you and your business.

Design & Integrate Your IT Infrastructure


Just need a refresh?

Many of our new clients already have a solid infrastructure in place, such as computers, servers, and cloud services. They really just need someone to help put it together and make it work properly. This is our specialty. A network refresh with a team of Advantage engineers can work wonders on your existing IT investment, turning it into a powerful asset to help your business thrive.


Building something new?

If you are constructing a new building, or it’s finally time to upgrade older, aging equipment, we have the perfect solution. We will work with you to develop a detailed plan based on your needs. Servers, workstations, cloud services, infrastructure, and the specific applications you need for your business, will all be considered and carefully built into your comprehensive project plan that includes a complete outline of the investment with no hidden extras, ever.

Your Personal IT Experts

Network Design & Installation

Security Management

Complete Technology Integration

Eliminate Downtime

Full Service Technical Support

Managing Your Technology

Ready to have a full-time, award-winning IT department at your disposal?

Keeping your technology constantly working the way it should can be overwhelming. Advantage 360 is a hassle-free IT solution that provides service, support, and necessary equipment so you can focus on what’s important to your business. Your firewall, Wi-Fi, backup systems, and antivirus are all included, managed, and maintained, and our award-winning Help Desk measures response times in minutes, not hours, providing your team with access to our world-class base of engineers for any IT problem that may arise. Your network is proactively monitored to look for any indication of concern so they can be addressed before it turns into downtime. No extra charges for subscriptions – No hidden fees.

That’s Advantage 360 – Welcome to Hassle Free IT.

Hassle Free IT Simple Secure Stable Supported
World class tech support Included in Plus Included in Pro
Complete network management Included in Plus Included in Pro
Firewall and complete security service Included in Plus Included in Pro
Smart network components Included in Plus Included in Pro
Server and workstation protection Included in Plus Included in Pro
Backup you can count on Included in Plus Included in Pro
Vendor management — no finger pointing Included in Plus Included in Pro
All inclusive pricing   Included in Pro
CloudPlus™ Backup Server   Included in Pro
Cyber security training   Included in Pro
Expanded vendor management   Included in Pro
Dark web monitoring   Included in Pro

Get Started

Get Started with an Onsite Technology Assessment

At Advantage Technologies, it all starts with an Onsite Technology Assessment (OTA). We send one of our professional technology consultants to evaluate your specific needs and develop your custom IT solution. Get started today!

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