Your New Practice and Planning for Technology

There are a lot of decisions to be made when constructing a new dental office. Your team may consist of an architect, a designer, a construction crew, and more. You will rely on their subject-area expertise to make your practice a reality. Your technology decisions should also be made with the assistance of an IT partner — one that specializes in the dental industry.

Getting your office configured well goes beyond simple installation of computers. It’s a well thought-out process that begins as soon as you have site plans in hand, and continues beyond the opening of the practice.

Here’s where a strong partnership with your IT provide comes into play. Long before the computers are plugged in, you should be thinking of the integration and installation of all your technology needs.

How to Select Your New Dental Office Software

The architect has completed your site plans and you are ready to get everything going. At this point you may not have thought about the practice management software, imaging software, and imaging devices you will be purchasing. An IT provider that specializes in dental offices can help guide you through these decisions.

With many possible configurations, you will need feedback on how each system integrates with one another, along with the technical requirements of each manufacturer. What you may think is a good solution may not be the best for how you want your practice to function — certain devices don’t play well with select systems. Discuss your ideal front office workflow, as well as back office operations, with your IT partner to find the best solution for your practice.

Financing for Dental Office Technology

Once you have a plan in place your IT partner will discuss different finance options. You may have already taken out a loan, but a very popular option is to incorporate equipment and installation with your network management package, allowing you to have no up-front cost for the project.

Involve Your Dental IT Partner in Construction

You’ve broken ground and the construction has begun. Prior to framing it is crucial for your IT partner to meet with you and your contractor to discuss the practice layout. An IT provider that specializes in dental offices will know exactly what is needed in terms of conduit for cabling, backing for mounting, and electrical which are essential discussions to have prior to drywall installation.

It is recommended to have your IT provider run the networking and video cabling. It is one less thing for you to worry about coordinating, and will often come with a warranty on the work. Once the drywall goes up, changes are very difficult and costly.

Installation of Your Dental IT Solutions

At this point everyone is on the same page for the plan, and periodic check ins from the IT partner will ensure the project goes smooth.

Maintenance and Security for Your Dental Practice Network

The plan for your practice should go well beyond the installation. Your system should be fully managed which means it is monitored, supported, and secure. An IT partner that specializes in dental will have a security plan that follows HIPAA compliance, a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan, and support for all aspects of your computer network.

Working with an IT partner that specializes in dental offices will save you headaches with planning, coordination, and assuring the performance of your system. When you open the doors to your new practice you will have a fully integrated system that is simple, secure, stable, and supported.

Want to know more about the technology needs of a new dental practice? Or, do you have an established practice that may need a refresh? We provide hassle-free technology solutions so you can focus on what’s important to you and your business. Contact us today for a discussion or an Onsite Assessment of your current practice.

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