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VMG Success Story (read other success stories)

Jeffrey Audette, President

VMG Recruiting strives to keep businesses and organizations at the top of their game by providing unique Business-to-Business recruiting and talent management solutions. As a partner to small, medium, and Fortune 500 firms, we serve as an extension of your team – always providing recruiting solutions that make sense. At VMG, we rely on proven, highly specialized processes to deliver exceptional solutions to improve your retention, increase effectiveness, and measurably impact your bottom line.

“Matt took time to listen to me and understand what we were trying to accomplish.”

What would make a 20+ year executive search firm, with a 98.7% employer success rate, leave their current IT provider? That was exactly what was asked of Jeffrey Audette, President of VMG Recruiting in Atlanta. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t much different for him than it is for anyone else. Poor response time coupled with less than adequate technician’s knowledge with different people each time. Does any of this sound familiar?

Once the idea of mobile computing and a cloud environment took hold with Jeff, he realized his old and outdated servers had to go; and so did his IT company. Jeff contacted five different firms to review his systems and shed some light on a new direction. Being in the recruiting business, Jeff had no idea what was out there or possible; what he did know was there had to be a better way than what he was doing. Matt Minicozzi, Jeff’s local technology consultant, sat down with him to discuss his options. One of the points that Jeff liked most about the presentation was that, “While others happily spoke in very high level terms about what they thought was important; Matt spoke to me on my level about what I felt was important and made it extremely easy to understand.”

“I trust Matt. He knows our business well, he took time to get to know us and what we are trying to accomplish.”

Once the decision was made to move to Advantage Technologies, then came the work. Although it wasn’t work at all. Network Assurance means that Jeff didn’t have to pay a big lump sum up front to buy new systems. Working in a cloud environment means that Jeff and his team can work and collaborate from anywhere at any time to accomplish their jobs. It was a simple process for Jeff, “Matt’s suggestion to us was easy to accept. He explained that based on our needs and what we have been doing, this is what you need to do.”

Change, even when wanted and anticipated, is always difficult. So when VMG went from an on-location server to a cloud environment, they were ready for the growing pains. However, Matt made sure those pains where as small as possible. As Jeff explained, “He made sure everything was set up the exact way he had explained it and made sure that everyone was comfortable with it as well. He didn’t get the job and run off, he has been with us every step of the way.”

“It’s been a delight to work with their team.”

So while this 20+ year executive search firm may be a staple in the field, with Advantage Technologies by their side, they are striving for new heights and now positioned to attain them. As Jeff so eloquently stated, “They are efficient and fast and I wouldn’t leave them for someone else for a lesser dollar!”

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