Suwanee Family Dentistry Success Story with Dr. Herington

Suwanee Family Dentistry values the care of their patients above all else.

Dr. Tina Herington, DMD started the practice in 2001 and wants to keep her focus on growing her business, seeing improvement, and working more efficiently.

She felt her constant IT needs weren’t being met and were becoming a costly distraction.

“I’ve tried to do IT with other companies, I’ve tried to do it myself, and that really just doesn’t work. I really need somebody that I can trust to come in and just take care of things so that I don’t have to think about it.”

Advantage Technologies addressed the unique needs of her practice, paying close attention to her desire to have technology solutions that just work every day.

“The peace of mind that I get from Advantage Technologies is huge. If people come to me and they tell me there’s a problem, I always look at them and say ‘have you called Advantage?’ Even if it’s a problem with third-party software, Advantage will take it from there. They remote into the computer — they call the third-party vendor to get it resolved.”

Advantage Technologies handled Dr. Herington’s immediate technology needs and stands at-the-ready when issues arise, even if the issue is with an ancillary vendor.

“I have very high expectations, there are a couple of people over at Advantage that can tell you that. But that’s okay because they’ve always managed to live up to it.”

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