Spies Commerical Pool Experts Success Story

Spies Pool in Kissimmee, Florida is the largest full-service commercial pool company in Central Florida. The family-operated business values their customers and strives to provide excellent service.

Spies Pool serves area resorts, hotels, and apartment complexes helping to keep their pools sanitary and operational. Guests are attracted to their customers’ properties often because of the aesthetic beauty of their aquatic environments, and Spies Pool sees it as their responsibility to maintain those pools in beautiful working order.

Lauren Koffinas, Spies Pool Office Manager, wanted to be able to focus solely on serving their customers. They soon realized their IT needs were not being met and it was beginning to take time away from focusing on customers.

“Advantage Technologies takes the whole IT concept off my plate so we’re able to concentrate on helping our customers and making sure they get their chemicals, and repairs.”

Returning to their core competency is one benefit to working with Advantage Technologies. Another is how quickly IT issues are handled.

“If we see something that looks funny, we just send them a quick email and they’ll create a trouble ticket right away. I’ll get an email with an answer to any questions within probably 15 minutes.”

Knowing they can trust their technology is safe, secure, and supported by friendly, technical experts frees Spies Pools to achieve goals, service customers to the highest level, and ultimately grow their business.

 “Whether it’s a full company, or a dentistry or a doctor’s office they run in the background and they help protect us.” 

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