Eliminate Downtime

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Advantage Insight™

We actively monitor your network 24/7 with our award winning Advantage Insight™ platform, looking for any potential hardware or network faults, enabling us to take action before you experience downtime.
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Backup You Can Count On

Local and cloud backup of all of your critical data. Fully encrypted, verified daily by our engineers, and fully documented.
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CloudPlus™ Backup Server

A standby server ready to take over, in minutes, should your primary server fail. Includes unlimited backup of your entire server, locally and to the cloud.
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Your Personal IT Experts

Network Design & Installation

Cybersecurity Management

Complete Technology Integration

Eliminate Downtime

Full Service Technical Support

Get Started with an Onsite Technology Assessment

At Advantage Technologies, it all starts with an Onsite Technology Assessment (OTA). We send one of our professional technology consultants to evaluate your specific needs and develop your custom IT solution. Get started today!