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Sarasota Perio Success Story (read other success stories)

“They never talked down to anyone who didn’t quite understand, but they were also able to have meaningful discussions with those that could.”

As a busy four-doctor two-location practice, you can imagine Sarasota Periodontal Associates didn’t have time for old computer equipment holding them back; or their IT service provider not being able to service and support them in a timely manner. Additionally, back in 2013 they were ready to go digital and expand to a third location.  They didn’t have the confidence that their current IT service provider had the knowledge, ability and time that they were going to need during this transition.  Enter Jay Scarrozzo, their local Advantage Technologies consultant.

Jay was able to meet with the doctors and business management staff to get a clear understanding of not just their current issues but also where and how they wanted to move forward. This included their new equipment and also their new office. He aggregated all their issues and came back with a proposal that met their needs and concerns and would alleviate their frustration with local service. During installation, Theresa and the doctors were happy to see the service technicians arrived on time, dressed professionally, and were friendly to everyone.

“We needed the full package, equipment, back up management, everything; and they gave it to us. We were happy with the company, with Jay, the costs, with it all and we have been since.”

Since that time, Sarasota Periodontal Associations has been relying on Advantage Technologies to keep them up and running, keep them secure and do it all Hassle-Free for the practice. With the discussions of a 4th office, the practice is pleased to be utilizing Network Assurance that enables them to acquire all the new computer equipment they will need without the requirement of the huge upfront costs. As a Plus client, Theresa is thrilled to have Vendor Management; which allows Advantage to talk directly to the vendors on their behalf, when issues do arise.  Theresa explains, “When it’s something technical, like an issue with our software company, it makes things much easier on both ends to get to the root of the problem and find a solution much quicker.”

In terms of making their jobs and the practice better, easier or more efficient; Theresa says the fact that the systems all have current updates, are faster and everything is easier to navigate makes everything better.  Additionally, the conference rooms have been updated with technology that allows the doctors to mirror image their software and show CT Scans and X-rays. This, in itself, is a powerful tool when trying to explain to a patient the need for a suggested treatment plan.

“There has never been one complaint about anything, but we know if there was, they would be here.”

In the end, after all the equipment, support, programs and people, when asked what the one thing is that Theresa loves about Advantage and what they do for Sarasota Perio, her response was immediate. “To be honest, it’s the respect, honesty and professionalism of Advantage Technologies. If you knew what we were dealing with before, they are light years ahead! That type of relationship has been phenomenal for all of the employees and the doctors.

-Theresa d’Angelo, Business Manager, Sarasota Periodontal Associates

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