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Practice Quotient Success Story (read other success stories)

Patrick O’Rourke, CEO Practice Quotient

Patrick is an insurance insider that has built dental networks, worked in operations management, designed dental plans, and opened markets. This allows his company, Practice Quotient Inc., to provide valuable insights dental practices on how to obtain fair market value for their services.

PPO Dental Insurance Negotiation. Did you know there was such a thing?  After talking with Patrick O’Rourke, the CEO of Practice Quotient, the question should be why don’t all dental practices or groups know?  Practice Quotient analyzes the effect of managed care contracts on the profitability of the practice and negotiates higher fee schedule reimbursements to increase the dentists’ revenue. So, who better to discuss the effect of IT, specifically managed service providers, on the profitability of the clients they serve?

“The fact that there is no contract to sign, just demonstrates the confidence Advantage Technologies has in their product and staff.”

When Patrick decided that both of his current IT providers weren’t pulling their weight (yes he had two); he went on the hunt for someone that would support him as he supports his practices.  PQs employees were frustrated with their current systems slow crawl, lack of scalability and lack of usability.  “When my team was frustrated it spilled over, and I knew I needed to make a change”, he explained.  Patrick is a self-described Corporate American; he is not an IT guy.  As with most CEOs, he shouldn’t have to run cables, or diagnose IT problems.  He had IT people for that; as a matter of fact, he had two different IT vendors and was still not getting things accomplished as needed.  PQs secure Citrix environment in their Florida office and the on premise server in their Georgia office was making collaboration difficult to say the least.

So he called Matt Minicozzi, his local Advantage Technologies Consultant.  One of the things Patrick liked about Matt, was that he could make a phone call and someone was at their office.  The other thing Patrick appreciated was his directness.  Matt, was able to answer his questions, and give him solutions that seemed simple, easy and straightforward.  It was that easiness, local people and knowledge that finalized the decision for PQ to make the move to Advantage Technologies.  Well that and the no contracts, explained Patrick.

“I know there is a cost savings, but to be honest that isn’t what amazed me the most.”

Once the dust had settled and the entire team had familiarized themselves with the new system, that’s when Patrick realized everything Matt told him had been 100% true.  However, the biggest surprise had yet to be seen.  Patrick said, “We are running between 30-40% more efficient!”  When asked what he thought this was attributed to he explained, “The primary thing is the speed and efficiency of the new solution versus working in a Citrix cloud environment.”  With Advantage’s solution, PQ was still able to communicate and collaborate with their remote offices via the cloud, just not through Citrix.  This is a great example of how a true and honest manage service provider will take time to understand your business and offer you a solution that is right for your business not what they want you to have.  Matt Minicozzi explained, “They were working in an enterprise environment, but it was slowing them down.  They needed a solution that enabled collaboration between offices without the slowdowns they were experiencing.”  When asked if it concerned Patrick when Matt’s solution was to take them out of the Citrix environment they knew, Patrick was clear, “Yes, it concerned me; but I already knew the environment we had wasn’t working – well or fast.”  He continued, “Advantages of the cloud is the ability to securely access your data from wherever you want, whenever you want, on any device you want.  Matt convinced me that we would be able to do just that, including the security, at a far more efficient rate than we were – and you know what?  He was right!”

“It is a wonderful feeling to know that, with the help of Advantage Technologies, we are equipping our employees with the tools that they need to be efficient and effective and to be the professionals that they are.”

In addition to speeding up the systems and making them much easier to access, Advantage Technologies also gave Practice Quotient the real ability to work from anywhere.  The Director of Operations, Chief Financial Officer and CEO can’t stop working just because their schedules require travel.  This solution has truly given the PQ team wings as well as roots.

Office 365 and Dropbox for Business has truly allowed a more fruitful collaboration.  These days the employees of PQ don’t have to exit a document to allow others to manipulate it; true collaboration in real time saves time, money and patience.  Patrick explained, “this one program has not only saved 3-4 hours’ worth of work a week, but also the frustration level among the team has reduced drastically.

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