Specialized Technology Solutions for a Secure IT Network

How to Build and/or Maintain a Secure IT Network

Specialized IT Solutions – The Advantage Technologies Way

A top priority in today’s business world is creating and maintaining an efficient and secure IT network. That’s where Advantage Technologies’ experience can help. With more than 20 years of IT experience, we partner with like-minded entrepreneurs on your path to technology success. If you follow the three S’s – Specialized, Secure, and Supported – your company’s digital workflow will be customized to your individual needs. Today, we look at the first of these S’s – Specialized.

Building and/or Maintaining a Secure IT Network

Your first step toward success starts with a local Technology Consultant performing an on-site technology assessment. These professionals analyze your existing technology, identifying possible opportunities for greater efficiencies in your digital workflow, and make recommendations to help you achieve your business goals.

We know responsive support is a major concern for any business. As your IT partner, we provide a comprehensive IT strategy where support is just a click away. With a click of a button, we will remotely scan your computer, gather any pertinent data relating to the issue and send a report to our professionals. This takes the detective work out of your hands and shortens the troubleshooting process to resolve your challenge faster.

Advantage Technologies is always staffed by a local service team that understands networks, software, computers, and the unique importance of your businesses’ functionality, security, and compliance. This also includes a dynamic, comprehensive cybersecurity platform including both human and AI technology. This allows us to provide active, real-time protection from ransomware and other cyber threats.

This specialized approach is one of the three cornerstones of Advantage Technologies’ offerings and is instrumental for partnering with you on your path to IT success for all your technological needs. Our next blog will discuss the second part of your path to success – Secure IT solutions designed for your business. Our next blog will be posted on June 15th.

Here are some common questions we receive regarding our service:


What makes Advantage Technologies specialized approach unique?

IT solutions are becoming more complex every day for businesses It’s important to have an IT partner who is able to help guide you down the path and assist you in making decisions in a holistic fashion. As your trusted partner, we collaborate with you in designing the technology strategy for your business to ensure efficient digital workflow. The Advantage Technologies team will implement these strategies in collaboration with you.

Can Advantage Technologies help me with all my technological needs?

Yes, Advantage Technologies is there to be a trusted business partner and resource, not just your IT provider. Our local technology consultants can offer help to solve other business solutions connected to IT. Through our network of like-minded entrepreneurs, we can also recommend local, niche-specific financial partners, accountants, real estate agents, business consultants, as well as compliance professionals to help serve your needs.

Why is it important to have local consultants?

Our local consultants and support team offer comprehensive services and solutions that are region specific while still having the benefit of the knowledge of serving clients in ten states. Having a local team also ensures reduced travel time should onsite support be needed.

What if I have more questions?

If you have other questions, please feel free to contact our team of like-minded entrepreneurs for technology and cybersecurity solutions.



Advantage Technologies offers world-class support, digital workflow solutions, and peace of mind with the Advanced Security Platform to ensure you can focus on your business and not your IT.

secure IT NetworkFor more information on what Specialized IT solutions mean for your business, please check out this video from Bryan Currier, Advantage Technologies CEO and security expert. Or feel free to reach out to our team of like-minded entrepreneurs for technology and cybersecurity solutions.


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