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What is the Dark Web? Why should I be concerned if data associated with our company is there?

The Dark Web is a marketplace for hackers to sell stolen digital information. Pricing and demand are based on the value of this information with emails, passwords, & private identity information being the gateway to access highly valued data for identity theft, data ransom schemes, and bank fraud. While data breaches are fairly common for businesses of all size, they are especially dangerous for small to midsize businesses. Threat Actors typically feel these companies are more attractive targets due to a higher probability of being able to identify a vulnerability in their system to attack – making them ripe for the picking. By actively following best cyber security practices, companies can mitigate major breaches that generally lead to a loss of customer data, employee data, or sensitive information like social security numbers, credit card info, or health information.

Dark Web Scan Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I do if our information has been breached? If results show that your company has had a breach, the first step would be to change all passwords. From there, you should turn on two-factor authentication wherever possible. Additionally, a thorough cyber security review should be conducted to ensure prevention of further occurrences.

Q: What is ransomware? Ransomware is when your entire computer network and system has been infiltrated by a hacker who shuts down all operations. They will then demand a ransom to be paid to unlock your system and prevent them from taking/erasing your data.

Q: Can I access the Dark Web and look for information myself? The Dark Web is not a place that is accessible from a regular browser. Access to the Dark Web is only available by professionals who are able to search anonymously and safely through multiple layers of secure connections that prevent malware from being passed through the channel to the device being used to search. The Dark Web sources are built by criminals, often times overseas, making it very difficult to navigate and locate as the origins and code are often changing. We strongly advise the crawling of places like this to be left up to professionals. 

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