Dr. Cory Collier at Artisan Eye

Dr. Cory Collier sees optometry as an opportunity to provide clear, comfortable, healthy vision to his patients at Artisan Eye Optometrists in Lakewood Ranch, Florida.

When Dr. Collier and his wife Kara founded their practice, they wanted their patients’ interaction to be a truly unique, high-tech experience.

They wanted their business technology, exam equipment, and ancillary testing tools to be supported and merge seamlessly with their software so that things could flow smoothly for everyone involved.

“Advantage Technologies really helped us accomplish that by integrating all of our equipment, allowing us to stay in the exam room and focus on the patient, and not have to worry about whether or not our technology was going to work that day”

Advantage Technologies supported Artisan Eye with a hassle-free IT solution to address the practice’s integration so they can stay engaged with their mission’s core of serving patients.

“From the beginning of our interaction with Advantage Technologies, the process has been simple, easy, and seamless to integrate to our office. [This] allowed us to focus on what we want to focus on, which is our patients”

Just as the doctors at Artisan Eye maintain the highest level of commitment to their profession, Advantage Technologies is committed to providing the right technology and support services to exceed client expectations.

“I strongly recommend other companies work with Advantage Technologies. They provide care-free IT solutions that allows you to focus on what you want to do in your practice instead of focusing on your IT needs.”

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