All Smiles, By Dr. Audrey


Audrey Sim, DDS, All Smiles

Audrey Sim, DDS, All Smiles

“Server Crash, just a blip in our week that will soon be forgotten…Tremendous Service!”

“Thanks so much to all of you for helping us get back up and running after our server crashed after only one year of use. Your replacement server service is awesome! We have a brand new server and all our data was intact due to your reliable backup system. We went down on Monday morning around 8am and we were back up and running by Tuesday at 2:30pm like nothing ever happened.”


“I have been through several server crashes in the past and always ran into backup problems where the backup wasn’t as current as it should be and we had to reenter data from days and sometimes weeks’ worth of client visits. Then there was always several days to a week of down time while diagnostics were run on the old server to see if it could be saved, a new server was purchased, shipped, and then finally rebuilt. This causes a lot of stress for everyone in the practice to work without the business management system we need for that long. Plus as the practice owner, to go several days without payments being entered, and appointments being made results in a break in cash flow that can be felt for months. So not only does the new server cost the practice money, but the days of down time and the time spent rebuilding the past due to lost data costs so much more.”


“With your support, we got a new server at a reasonable price overnighted to us, had zero data to recreate and we have only one day of data to enter from the day we were down. Excellent!”

“Dan, our support engineer, said he was sent out to our area the night before so he could be here first thing in the morning when the new server arrived. I emailed Justin that UPS had brought the server and Dan arrived within minutes of sending that email. I guess he was in his car waiting at the light around the corner from our office when he received Justin’s message. Dan was very professional and respectful.

The building of our new server took only a few hours and then Dan made sure everything was running smoothly at all the work stations. A server crash, an event which can cause so much trauma and stress to a practice and be remembered for years to come, was a blip in our week that will soon be forgotten. What a relief! Thanks again for your tremendous service.”